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​​After obtaining my Bachelor´s degree in Chemistry in 2003 from the Lebanese University in Beirut (Lebanon), I moved to Europe and lived between two countries where I completed the Joint European Masters program Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry at the University of Lille (France) and University of Leipzig (Germany) supported by the European Commission´s Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I submitted my Master´s thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger, entitled ”Search for Residual Dipolar Couplings in Organic Compounds”.

In 2009, I joined the department of NMR-based Structural Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (MPIbpc) in Göttingen (Germany) to pursue my Ph.D thesis. Headed by Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger and under supervision of Prof. Dr. Markus Zweckstetter, I received my Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of Göttingen in October 2013 entitled ”Molecular Mechanisms of Tau Protein Aggregation”.

After a one year Postdoctoral studies at MPIbpc, I moved to Munich (Germany) in 2014 for a second Postdoc research at the Genzentrum at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich LMU where I combined microbiology, NMR spectroscopy and Cryogenic Electron microscopy (Cryo EM) for the structure determination of heterochromatin proteins bound to H3K9 methylated nucleosomes. Importantly, the combination of NMR and cryo-EM offers the ability to resolve smaller proteins at high resolution and to provide structural details about the dynamics of protein domains and molecular modeling.

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